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This is very much how every morning of every day goes. And I am 2000000% okay with that. There is something about learning that is so incredibly interesting. We pack our brains with information on the daily. We can go read this on out own and get something out of it, so why are we paying thousands of dollars to get a piece of paper that says you have “fill in blank” degree in “fill in blank.” It’s amazing how many people do it and how many people don’t do it.

That’s why so many people look at a literature degree as a waste of time. Can’t we just go sit in a room and read? Can’t we continue to write and refine our skills ourselves. Yes. In the end that’s what we do anyways. Right?

Wrong. Literature degrees require so much more than that. We develop theories, we analyze texts, we argue, we go back on our word to develop things farther, we read for the fun of it, we retain knowledge. We use the ideals of psychology and history to analyze texts and refer back to what was going on in that time. We understand the psyche of an imaginative character that is very much alive. We have to understand that the author is a separate being and the death of the author is very much real. And a the same time the author is the one creating this narrative so is he separate. We have to look at a narrative that has been translated and see how that can change the whole entire way it is read. We read things through theories. Not just one, tons. We take something, devour it and throw it back up.

The only thing that is black and white about literature is the ink and paper. And even that is subject to change.

This is crazy how much it has gotten around. I wrote this one morning when I was finding it hard to motivate myself. But seriously. I looked down at my book and realized that was enough motivation for me.  And now look…. I am a college graduate, prepping for grad school.

Don’t let anyone tell you your dreams, your major, your anything is not good enough. DO NOT ever let anyone tell you, as an English major, that you took the easy road out. Because if they do say that, you turn and look them straight in the eyes and tell them that you are paving the way, single-handedly, towards a brighter future & higher education.  

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Happy birthday to my best friend and sister. So proud of you and everything you’ve done so far. You’re such an amazing person. 💖I love you to the moon.🌜🚀

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Happiest of happy birthdays to one of my longest friends. I love you so so so much. You deserve the best birthday ever. Through thick and thin, my love, we’ve seen it all. Can’t wait for more years to spend with your sweet face. Love you to the moon & to infinity. Love you Zelds. 💖your Penny.

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The Maze Runner Review

The Maze Runner is a YA trilogy written by James Dashner. 

I gave it four at of five stars. 

Yeah- the book. Not the movie….

I am 100% content with this Young Adult novel. I wasn’t amazed by any spectacular literary skills, but I was rather consumed by the story and entertained to say the least. It was a very quick read for me. The story line moves pretty fast. So lets get in to it…

Thomas. Boys. All boys. Weird elevator? Maze. Boys run. A lot. Boys also do other normal stuff like farm and kill animals. Girl comes. Uh Ohs. Lots of drama. IS the maze a maze? Creepy weird robot killing machines. Dark hole. Button. Crazy guy is back. Oh NO. Where? What? I need the next book. ( My 3am face was a little stunned.)

And that is my recap.

But seriously.

All in all the story faired to be something similar. Maybe three things. And I concluded that Hunger Games, Brave New World and Lord of the Flies had a baby and the book was The Maze Runner. Luckily, I adore all those books, all post-apocolyptical ideologies and so forth. So this book as a whole was rather likable. The characters provided and easy flow through the story. Things were answered and some things were not answered but thats what you get when you start a trilogy.

I rather enjoyed the main trio: Thomas, Minho and Newt. They seemed to be the most “leader-esq” characters and provided a nice rhythm for the book. Even though the characters didn’t change dramatically, I still felt that the three regained a sense of identity. I liked Gally. We needed a “bad guy” and he challenged the others therefore giving it a nice push. But ohhhhh Gally. How could you. You turned out to be not so bad after all. The brainwash machine wasn’t on your side that night. I have a feeling Gally isn’t real *spoiler* dead *end spoiler* and that he will some how come back to cause a riff in the group dynamic.

I could of cared less for the Teresa character. For some reason the whole mind talking thing seemed weird, and so did she and I just… I just didn’t like her. Okay? Okay. (Too soon?)

So here are my few and far ideas that I will hide because it may spoil something. This is your cue to scroll the frick down- warning you….

So the whole ending. The memo. The WICKED IS GOOD. I have a few speculations. Either A, they actually are their parents and they are going toe one how save the world from this post apoco issue that is going on or B, Teresa isn’t good? and is one of them. Im not too sure where that is going but I assume it will take on a big role as it seemed to be like almost a franchise sort of thing where there are other people out there, smart people, going through the same frightening maze. And they will all find each other and stop the world fro decaying. Yay, heroes. 

I also, am a little hesitant towards the whole getting outta the maze in ten pages. Excuse me but you spent the entire 300+ pages before hand making the maze some impossible thing and wallah, the button. I feel like the possibility of a maze inside of a maze inside of another maze is going on. And each book is a new level? Hopefully.


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