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Amanda planned all this and it’s magical. #dearmanwedding #wine

#dearmanwedding in love with these two. Congratulations babes! xx

This beautiful lady is getting married today. I couldn’t be more happy. Cannot wait for this special moment in your life and all the steps you will be taking. I am so incredibly proud of you. 💕

Anonymous asked: what do you think about The Catcher in the Rye?


I love it, and I find it pretty relatable. I’m in the “Holden isn’t just an annoying whiny pretentious person” camp. I also think I loved it even more because I read it on my own and not for school, so there’s that.

cannot express the love i have for this answer.

cute lil mail 🎀 @nettledawn look what came in the mail💌❤️ #penpal


#tbt to #Disneyland with my lady @emilymarie95 💕

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oh god me right now

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Whatcha know about ombré and bleach. In the office with @refemme #summeriscoming

Lost a friend


I grew up with Austin Brashears.  He passed away and it is the most devastating thing.  He had so much going for him.  He was such a well rounded man.  And you don’t find may of those people in the world any more. 

May you rest in peace Austin.  I know you’re watching over all of us. 

I lost a friend two years ago. Today is his 23rd birthday. I celebrate it for you, my friend. I miss you. We miss you. Your memory is held within all of us as we celebrate your day today. <3 


Spontaneous Thursday morning tattoo

I am IN LOVE with this. 

Title: The Wolves (Act I and II) Artist: Bon Iver 17,701 plays

Bon Iver - The Wolves (Act I and II)

All the feels. In love with this song forever. 

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Get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite male characters
↳ Kill Your Darlings | Lucien Carr

Lucien is different, or at least, his egocentricity is different, he hates himself intensely, whereas we do not. hating himself as he does, hating his “human-kindness”, he seeks new vision, a post-human post-intelligence. He wishes more than nietzsche proscribed. he wants more than the next mutation - he wants a post-soul - Jack Kerouac (september, 1944) 

In love with this man. 

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